We Speak (Bulgarian<->German)
We Speak (Bulgarian<->German)
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”We speak” is your home teacher. The best multimedia software for learning a foreign language. Hear and learn more than 5500 Bulgarian and German words and phrases! The product is a new method for language education, which presents a new conception for learning a foreign language. Many people can work with it, and it’s possible to save everyone’s user level. “We Speak” is a kind of phrasebook - eased and relieved from useless theoretical heaviness and academic cliches, including near 200 themes. With it’s help the user achieves better communication abilities, without learning a complex grammatical rules. The phrasebook is based on man’s ability for memorizing the perceiving of the aural, visual and motor impressions. The material is expressed intelligibly and naturally and it is addressed to a broad circle of users who would like to learn the language on their own. The exercises put us on the street, among friends, in the hospital, in the cinema, on the phone,...
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