ENGLISH INDONESIAN HANDHELD Digital Vice Versa Pocket Electronic TALKING Transl
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ENGLISH - INDONESIAN dictionary INDONESIAN - ENGLISH dictionary ENGLISH - CHINESE dictionary CHINESE - ENGLISH dictionary ENGLISH Pronunciation HUMAN VOICE Contained of more than 1.000.000 words Practical dictionary, containing 10 categories: Basic Conversation, Air Travel, Transportation, Transportation, Personal Care, Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping, Health, Basic Services Human Voice World / Local Time 12 Digits Calculator, Conversion and Currency Organizer: Telephone, Memo, Schedule Game: Hangman I, Hangman II, Angram I, Anagram II, Auction I, Auction II, Crossword I, Crossword II, Matchmaker, Fortune Teller Set up: Password SET / CLR, Auto Off Time, Volume, Key Tone ON / OFF, Clear all data Size: 126 x 80 x 17 mm Weight: 120 gr Battery Type: 2 x A3 Alkaline.