RUSSIAN-ENGLISH-GERMAN Electronic Translator
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Russian-English-Russian 400,000 words Russian-German-Russian 500,000 words Professional Dictionaries: 720,000 words Technical, Medical, Computer, Business Russian-English Phrase Book 12,300 words English-Russian Irregular verbs 2,500 words Pronounces all words and phrases with and articulate REAL HUMAN VOICE Over 1,500,000 words The first pocket device allowing you to input English words exactly the way they sound - It instantly understands you. Corrects your spelling and gives you all the Russian meanings. Contains a vast phrase-book indispensable in any every-day situations. Helps you to choose the most appropriate word or phrase for the occasion among the given choices. Includes American idioms and slang terms. Allows you to completely overcome your language barrier. 32K bi-lingual English/Russian business organizer and Address book, Local & world time, Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Automatic metric conversion of 21 measures, Beeps to remind you of important meetings and appointments. Other language & specialized dictionary cartridges can be added in the future. 3 x AAA batteries. Size (mm) 140x70x20, (in) / 5.5"x3"x.75"