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KORAL Multimedia Sole Trade Ltd. was established in 1997 in the city of Varna. Since then the firm becomes one of the leaders of designing, making and maintaining of Multimedia Software Solutions. In the beginning the company started with and later specialized in the import and distribution of CD-ROM and DVD from the USA in various subjects - art, geography, history, architecture, education, medicine, movies, games, and etc. We maintain over 5000 titles and we add new ones to our catalogues every day. Our partners are famous companies on the USA market. This is the first company in the country, which declared “war” to the illegal software and since the import did not meet the needs of our market, the idea appeared to produce the CD-ROM discs ourselves. The software products developed by KORAL Multimedia have different function and are directed to groups of users of different age and social status. The language learning programs, developed by our firm, are based on the state-of-art computer methods for memorizing words through voluntary training of auditory, visual and motor impressions. All of this leads to achievement of long-lasting knowledge through impact on the subconsciousness. The company also produces CD-ROM ordered by customers. We also develop interactive multimedia presentations and specialized software, we produce and create WEB pages(HTML extensions for Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, Java, CGI Script, applied graphics, animation). The company established one of the first on-line shops for the sale of computer components, multimedia accessories, Microsoft products and CD-ROM.